Free admissions mentorship for Singapore students applying to United States universities

We match applicants to colleges and universities in the United States (most likely students in junior colleges, Millenia Institute and polytechnics) with Singaporean mentors who are recent admits/graduates from US universities and colleges. This is a ground-up initiative for free university admissions mentoring, help and advice.

Together, mentors and mentees:

  • Think about selection and suitability of colleges, universities and programmes
  • Look over the Common App/Coalition App essays, supplements and resume
  • May discuss letters of recommendation, scholarships, financial aid, logistics (e.g., pandemic restrictions), cultural matters, etc.

The mentor may facilitate connections with current Singaporean students at schools after offers are received or in cases of Early Decision/Early Action.


Additional notes

This programme is inspired by (but unaffiliated with) the Fair Opportunity Project (US) and Slipstream Education (UK).

This is a matching programme. The duration and frequency of interaction are up to the participants.

This programme is intended for applicants to undergraduate programmes and research programmes (e.g., PhD). Currently, it is not intended for applicants to advanced professional degree programmes, such as MBAs.

Disclaimer: Mentors are not professional college advisors. 

This article was updated on June 3, 2021